LMT Tarica Danielle, Owner and Holistic Wellness Facilitator of Manifest Station DC began her wellness journey and career in 2012. She attended National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church Virginia where she was certified after a series of studies spent in Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Business and Professional Ethics, Massage Theory and Massage Technique. After attaining her Massage therapy license she received her first job as a massage therapist in Vienna Va. In 2013 Tarica was trained by corporate as a lead therapist at Massage Heights in Alexandria Virginia.

In 2015 Tarica became licensed in Washington DC where she gathered expert knowledge and experience at 5 Star spa facilities, such as Unwind Wellness Center, Paris Alexander and Aura Spa. Tarica also continued her studies and development in 2016 at the Thai Massage School of Shivagakomarpaj and The Old Medicine Hospital to study Level 1 & 2 Thai Massage in Chiang Mai Thailand, along side with several other certifications and training in specific healing services such as Hot Balsalt Stones, CBD Massage, Dry Brush Lymphatic Drainage Techniques, Herbal Hydrotherapy, Scrapping and many more to advance and enhance her technique. Tarica has also created and trademarked her own signature holistic healing services being The Detox Massage™ & The Intuitive Combination Massage™.

Tarica Danielle is passionate and dedicated to furthering her knowledge in her craft as she travels around the world to different destinations to experience cultural & indigenous healing modalities to incorporate in her practice.


Manifest Station mission aims to develop awareness on improving the functionality of the body as a whole through alternative healing for optimal health and wellness for the body, mind & spirit.


To empower and enlighten our customers to perform at their highest potential, mentally, spiritually and physically.

We promote holistic elevation to become the highest version of yourself possible!


Deliver quality knowledge and service's.  

Perform with consistent passion and integrity. 

Remain honest and organize.


The wellbeing of our clients safety is our main priority!

Here at Manifest Station DC we are committed to providing excellent and hygienic service's using 

Hospital Grade Disinfectant and Air Purification Technology to eliminate bacteria, viruses and mold.


All massages are performed with 100% Hypoallergenic & Organic Products.

We Also Offer:

Plant Based & Eco-Friendly Toiletries.

Custom Body Plans.

Inexpensive Package Plans.

Specialized Invoices For Insurance Reimbursement.


Need help choosing a services? 

Book a consultation with your Therapist to better align you with the perfect service to fit your body and health care needs!