The Full-body Reset


(Formerly known as the Manifest Station Experience)

This two-hour session is designed to provide clients with a complete mind-body reset, incorporating a range of healing modalities and personalized care.

Your journey begins with a 30-minute infrared sauna treatment, where you'll bask in the soothing warmth while enjoying the calming benefits of guided meditation or the healing sounds of frequency music. Afterward, replenish and hydrate with refreshing cucumber and lime-infused electrolyte water, along with a selection of fresh fruits to restore essential minerals. Then, prepare for pure bliss as you indulge in a tailored 90-minute Intuitive Combination Massage, specially designed to address your specific needs and preferences. Let go of the stress and tension and embrace a state of true peace and rejuvenation duringĀ  this all-encompassing and personalized wellness experience.