Lymphatic Massage

This type of massage is based on the preliminary evidence which is hypothesized to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. The lymph system depends on intrinsic contractions of the smooth muscle cells in the walls of lymph vessels and the movement of skeletal muscles to propel lymph through the vessels to lymph nodes and then to the lymph ducts which return lymph to the cardiovascular system. 

The Lymphatic Drainage massage uses a specific amount of pressure and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate lymph flow.

Recommended for those with:

  • swelling/inflammation

  •  lack of circulation

  •  unsupported lympnodes

  •  assistance with healing after surgery

  •  reduction of cellulite

 This approach usually is not recommended for patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, paralysis, heart failure, blood clots or acute infections. This modality does not include incisional fluid drainage. All post-op patients must receive clearance from a doctor first before booking this service. 

Lymphatic Massage 30min  - $80.00

Lymphatic Massage 45min - $115.00

Lymphatic Massage 60min - $150.00