couples Healing Retreat


This isn't  your traditional couples massage. 

The Couples Healing Retreat offers a unique healing experience like no other.

 During this 2 hour healing retreat both guests will receive their own personalized holistic massage treatment, including a peaceful re-set before and after massages to enjoy the infrared Sauna and wellness chamber for rest and rejuvenation.


This session includes 2 60min Intuitive Combination Massages which Includes; 

Hot Stones - Aromatherapy - Swedish - Deep Tissue - Stretching - Energy Healing and Lymphatic Drainage Techniques.

Both guests will have access to their own private wellness chamber experience.

This  Includes;

An Infrared Sauna session and access to the Rest Area that is  equipped with blankets, books and journals.

Each guest will receive a robe, personal towel and disposable slippers.

15 mins of the retreat is reserved for guests to meet collectively in the Buddha Lounge for chill and conversation time and refueling refreshments.