couples Healing Retreat


This one of a kind couples massage offers a transformative healing experience that goes beyond the traditional couples massage. 

 Indulge in a 2-hour retreat where the couple receives their very own personalized healing experience, starting with The Intuitive Combination Massage, accompanied by an individual infrared sauna treatment. 

This is not a typical side by side couples massage. Instead, it is an opportunity for both partners to experience healing together, yet separately. 

We believe in providing a tailored and high-quality experience to ensure optimal results. Our approach to couples healing is rooted in the belief that healing is a deeply personal journey. By dedicating individual attention to each partner, your skilled therapist can address specific needs and create a truly customized and effective experience. This commitment to personalization sets our Couples Healing Retreat apart from the traditional couple massages.

Discover a new level of healing, relaxation and connection with your loved one.