couples Healing Retreat

This isn't  your traditional couples massage. 

The Couples Healing Retreat offers a unique healing experience like no other.

 During this 2 hour healing retreat both guests will receive their own personalized holistic massage treatment, including a peaceful re-set before and after massages to enjoy the infrared Sauna and wellness chamber for rest and rejuvenation.


This session includes 2 50min Intuitive Combination Massages which Includes; 

Hot Stones - Aromatherapy - Swedish - Deep Tissue - Stretching - Energy Healing and Lymphatic Drainage Techniques.

Both guests will have access to their own private wellness chamber experience.

This  Includes;

An Infrared Sauna session and access to the Rest Area that is  equipped with blankets, books and journals.

Each guest will receive a robe, personal towel and disposable slippers.

The last 20 mins of the retreat is reserved for guests to meet collectively in the Buddha Lounge for chill and conversation time and refreshments.

(Please note BEFORE your appointment if anyone in your party has or had any recent Injury  or allergies)